Welcome to Amalgamated Movies Non-Theatrical Film Distributors, owned by Snell's Distribution Pty Ltd (ACN: 135 949 487, ABN: 98 135 949 487). We are the sole licensee in Australia for non-theatrical public performance of copyrighted motion pictures from the studios of Sony Pictures (releasing Columbia Pictures and TriStar Pictures), Madman Entertainment, Titan View and Ronin Films.

The business is 100% Australian owned by the Snell family. We have branches and agents located across Australia with our head office located in Queensland. Our business extends throughout all of Australia, the Pacific islands and Papua New Guinea.

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Our purpose is to issue copyrighted motion picture licensing and to supply movies to non-theatrical locations such as:

  • Closed Institutions
  • Schools / Colleges
  • School Camps
  • University Campuses
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing Homes
  • Retirement Villages
  • Government Institutions
  • Correctional Facilities / Prisons
  • Detention Centres
  • Mining Camps
  • Isolated Outback Stations
  • Oil Rigs
  • Movie Clubs
  • Film Societies
  • Clubs (RSL, PCYC, etc)
  • Isolated Bases (Army, etc)
  • Libraries
  • Resorts
  • Buses / Coaches
  • Trains
  • Ships (within Australian waters)

Amalgamated Movies are the only non-theatrical film distributor for Sony Pictures (which includes Screen Gems and Columbia Pictures etc.). Any other operator advertising that they can license Sony product for the non-theatrical market are doing so under false pretences.

Amalgamated Movies now hold one of the largest 16mm Classic Film libraries in the Southern Hemisphere. All prints are checked proir to booking and come at affordable hire rates. Contact your local state branch for a full catalogue and booking requests.

You can now filter the Catalogue by Rating to quickly find movies with a particular rating (G, PG, M, MA, R).

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