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WHOLE TOWNS TALKING-THESony/ Columbia/ TriStarEdward G. Robinson plays the dual role of mild-mannered hardware company clerk Arthur Jones and his uncannily exact double, Killer Mannion, a ruthless gangster who's been dubbed Public Enemy Number One. As the result of a case of mistaken identity that leads to his arrest, Arthur is issued a "passport" that the police say will ensure that he's not mistaken for Mannion again. Upon learning that he has an exact double, the gangster forces Arthur into hiding and steals the document to use as a cover for his crimes. But when Mannion kidnaps his girlfriend (Jean Arthur), the normally-timid Arthur must find the courage he needs to save her.

Edward G. Robinson
Arthur Ferguson Jones
Jean Arthur
Miss Clark
Arthur Hohl
Detective Sergeant Boyle

James Donlan
Detective Sergeant Howe
Arthur Byron
Wallace Ford

John Ford 
not rated 95  16mm DVD 
WHOLE TRUTH, THE (1958)Sony/ Columbia/ TriStarMax Poulton (Stewart Granger, King Solomon's Mines) is a movie producer working on the French Riviera and having a tempestuous affair with his leading lady, Gina (Gianna Maria Canale, Lust of the Vampire). Max considers coming clean to his faithful wife, Carol (Donna Reed, It's a Wonderful Life), but a mysterious man named Carliss (George Sanders, All About Eve), a detective from Scotland Yard, informs Max that Gina has been murdered. When Gina shows up to Carol's party alive, and then is murdered hours later, Max believes he has been set up by Carliss, who now claims that he was Gina's husband and not a detective. A slick and stylish whodunit with many twists and turns, THE WHOLE TRUTH is a star-studded and compelling thriller PG 84  16mm DVD 
WHOLLY MOSES! (1980)Sony/ Columbia/ TriStarDiscovered in a desert cave is an ancient document which casts new light on an old story. The infant Moses, as the story goes, was dispatched down the Nile and rescued by the Pharaoh's daughter. But on the same morning, another child - Herschel - was also set afloat. Herschel just happened to sail past the Princess with a helpful nudge from Moses. So the question is, who was truly God's Chosen? Moses or Herschel? Dudley Moore stars as the adult Herschel trying to find his place in the scheme of things. Also starring are Laraine Newman as Herschel's lusty bride, James Coco as his father, and Richard Pryor as the wildly idiosyncratic Pharaoh.
PRODUCER: Freddie Fields
James Coco, Dom DeLuise, Jack Gilford, Madeline Kahn, Dudley Moore, Laraine Newman, Richard Pryor, John Ritter, Paul Sand 
PG 103  16mm DVD 
WHY DON'T YOU PLAY IN HELL?MadmanTen years ago, yakuza mid-boss Ikegami led an assault against rival don Muto. Now, on the eve of his revenge, all Muto wants to do is complete his masterpiece, a feature film with his daughter in the starring role, before his wife is released from prison. And the F#S* bombers are standing by with the chance of a lifetime: to film a real, live yakuza battle to the death ... on 35mm! Based on a screenplay he wrote nearly fifteen years ago, WHO DON'T YOU PLAY IN HELL? sees Sion Sono with his talent and unique vision completely unleashed. The result is a frenzied, gleeful masterpiece which he describes as "an action film about the love of 35mm". 126  DVD 
WICKED AS THEY COME (1956)Sony/ Columbia/ TriStarBritish noir in which an attractive you gold digger may innocently be accused of murder. Stars Arlene Dahl and Philip Carey. PG 94  16mm  
WICKER MAN, THESony/ Columbia/ TriStarHollywood superstar and audience favourite NICOLAS CAGE delivers a riveting performance in this spine-tingling re-imagining of the 1973 cult horror classic - THE WICKER MAN. When police officer Edward Malus (Cage) arrives at a secluded island to investigage the disappearance of a local girl, he soon discovers that the residents are hiding a terrifying secret ... a secret so shocking that it will shake his beliefs to the very core and bring him face-to-face with the horror of The Wicker Man. Co-starring award-winner ELLEN BURSTYN, MOLLY PARKER and LEELEE SOBIESKI, THE WICKER MAN is a haunting, edge-of-your-seat thriller that will stay with you long after the credits roll. 98  VHS DVD 
WILD GRASS (LES HERBES FOLLES)Sony/ Columbia/ TriStarA mystical French romance starring Andre Dussollier (MIC MACS, AMELIE as narrator) in which a lost wallet leads to new encounters and promises. Roger Ebert called it a "visual pleasure". PG 104 35mm  
WILD ONE, THESony/ Columbia/ TriStarAn angry young Marlon Brando scorches the screen as THE WILD ONE in this powerful '50s cult classic. Brando plays Johnny, the leader of a vicious biker gang which invades a small, sleepy California town. What's Johnny rebelling against? What have you got? - he sneers. The leather-jacketed young biker seems hell-bent for destruction until he falls for Kathie (Mary Murphy), a good girl whose father(Robert Keith) happens to be a cop. Unfortunately for Johnny, his one shot at redemption is threatened by a psychotic rival, Chino (Lee Marvin), plus the hostility and prejudice of the townspeople. All their smoldering passions explode in an electrifying climax!
John Paxton
Frank Rooney
Stanley Kramer
Laslo Benedek
Marlon Brando, Robert Keith, Lee Marvin, Mary Murphy, Hugh Sanders, Ray Teal, Jay C Flippen, Peggy Miley 
PG 76 35mm DVD 
WILD TALESSony/ Columbia/ TriStarInequality, injustice and the demands of the world we live in cause stress and depression for many people. Some of them, however, explode. This is a movie about those people.

Vulnerable in the face of a reality that shifts and suddenly turns unpredictable, the characters of Wild Tales cross the thin line that divides civilization and barbarism. A lover's betrayal, a return to the repressed past and the violence woven into everyday encounters drive the characters to madness as they cede to the undeniable pleasure of losing control.
MA 122  DVD 
WILD THINGS (1998)Sony/ Columbia/ TriStarThe scheme is far from tame. But whose scheme is it? Assume nothing as you venture beyond Blue Bay's elite beach communities and into the murky waters of the Everglades for a mystery of deceit, sex and greed as unpredictable as a hungry gator. And please, keep your hands inside the boat at all times. Kevin Bacon, Matt Dillon, Neve Campbell, Denise Richards and Bill Murray star in a swamp-steamy thriller about two high school students, the guidance counselor they accuse of rape and the detective who knows there's more to the story.

Stephen Peters
John McNaughton
Steven A. Jones
Kevin Bacon, Neve Campbell, Matt Dillon, Bill Murray, Denise Richards, Theresa Russell, Daphne Rubin-Vega 
MA 108  16mm DVD 

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